Recently I registered a company under the name Byond Éclat Enterprise (Reg No: 002637250-K), and also bought a hosting and domain under the name This company has been in my mind for a long time, specifically when I was studying my diploma in 2013. almost 4 years have passed and finally I was able to register it as a legitimate company.

I have a lot of plans for this company and I want to use it as platform to do various businesses, such as website development (very cheap websites), event management, apps development, consultation and so much more, Currently, I’m in the midst of writing up the proposal paper for various businesses that I want to conduct.

However, this post is titled, thus I will explain what this website is all about. I’m a Master’s student undertaking a Master of Science in Information Management, as part of my effort to do more writing, I have devoted this website as my personal canvas for me to write a sort of journal about everything and anything that comes to mind. Most of what I will be writing in this website will cover about my personal experience, daily updates of my company, information management, and other topics that I read and what to express based on my understanding such as IT, Science, and many more.

As mentioned before, this will be my platform or canvas to express my idea’s and understanding of the world around me. As a disclaimer, I am not an expert nor do I posses knowledge on various topics that I will be discussing. All of the topics that I will discuss will be based on my understanding thus this disclaimer is here to ensure that people who reads my articles understand that everything here is my opinion and others can have their own opinions regarding those topics that I post.