Mr Amirrul Rizwan Bin Mohd Abd Hafiz is an avid reader, thinker and a dreamer. He believes that all ideas matters and it should all be heard out, it is up to the listener on how they want to interpret those ideas.

Recently, he quit his job as Senior Researcher (Acting Head of Department) of Strategic Business Development at PEKEMA to travel back home to Sarawak and find ways how he can contribute back to the state. Mr Amirrul Rizwan, is knowledgeable in many things such as Industry 4.0, Mobility as a Services (MaaS), Strategic Planning, Consultation and so much more.

His past experience working at Malaysia Automotive Institute (MAI) as a System Analyst has inoculated him with an array of knowledge and experience such that he is entrusted with the development of Industry 4.0 initiative in the automotive industry. His hallmark achievement in the sector was by implementing the use of Additive Manufacturing (one of IR4.0 pillars) in making vehicle prototypes which enables car manufacturers to lower their R&D costs.

Other than that, he is also knowledgeable with Green Initiative specifically the use of Electric Bus as public transportation. His project was halted half way but it wasn’t before he could gain as much knowledge regarding the technology, it’s benefits, the long term effect and essentially, on how to implement it along with networking with Electric Bus vendors from all over the world.

Currently, he is expanding his wings by initiating his longest endeavor yet, which is to create a platform for which his friends and himself could use in order to gain more sense in the business arena. He considers this his part time work for now. Other than that, he is keen in finding a job as a Researcher, Lecturer or Policy maker because he believe’s that change must come from the inside or from the early stage.

Regarding his academic prowls, Mr Amirrul Rizwan has a Master’s Degree in Information Science, Information Management, a Bachelors Degree in Information Science (Hons) Information System Management and also a Diploma in Information Management. This enables him to think critically thus landing him the job as Strategic Researcher for the Strategic Business Development.

That’s me in the blue shirt.

Other than that, he is also active in volunteerism with various Non Profit Organizations across Malaysia from the year 2010 until present day. He was a facilitator for “Biro Perkhidmatan Pendidikan” for 5 years, his main role was to educate the participants and also manage the event itself. Furthermore, he is currently involved with “Persatuan Anak Sarawak Semenanjung” as the committee member and is actively conducting events for Sarawakians that are living in Peninsular Malaysia. He has a wide experience in event management, facilitating, event planning, leadership roles etc.

His ability to adapt to any situations or tasks given is considered as one of his strength making it a valuable asset to any organisation.

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