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Life’s journey so far

Life is full of up's and down, sometimes you are on top of the world but most of the time you will be at the lowest point in your life. As for my life, so far it's been a rollercoster of emotions and trainwecks. My life's journey has made me realise that sometimes,...

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Rapid Spread of False Information

The world we know today was totally different 10 years ago, some may say that 10 years is a very short time for an epic event that could change the course of history, however as we know today 10 years is enough for the world to change aggressively through the...

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Why Knowledge Management System Fails

As a continuation from my topic regarding Knowledge Management System before, this article titled Why Knowledge Management System (KMS) Fails will focus on the reasons why KMS fails in most organisations. There are several reasons why KMS initiatives fails within an...

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Knowledge Management System

To kick start my list of articles, I would like to talk about Knowledge Management, specifically a tool used to manage knowledge which is a Knowledge Management System (KMS). A KMS is used in an organisation as a means to store precious knowledge that is available in...

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Recently I registered a company under the name Byond Éclat Enterprise (Reg No: 002637250-K), and also bought a hosting and domain under the name byondeclat.com. This company has been in my mind for a long time, specifically when I was studying my diploma in 2013....

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